Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Energy Realms #1

Noah Brown Energy Realms #1 (2018)
Some will doubtless pick this up and declare it the worst comic they've ever read, but they will be wrong. It may even be the greatest. The cover promises powerful action and that's what happens once you look inside. Raised on 2000AD and pulp, fueled by (I'm guessing here) cane alcohol and firearms, Noah Brown's art falls somewhere between the less-publishable excesses of Johnny Ryan and that kid from school who used to spend the technical drawing lesson giving himself tattoos using a compass and a pot of ink, and mostly the logos of metal bands - but in a good way. It may not be pretty but somehow you just can't fucking keep yourself from looking, and from wanting more. This first issue features three strips of unusual violence - Pat Lord, Whiskey Weasel and Stabber Duck, and, my particular favourite, Power Squad. It's difficult to work out what the point of Power Squad could be, but their purpose is at least clear. They travel the galaxy in search of power - capitalised with numerous exclamation marks - and they obtain power mainly by crushing the weak and defenceless. In this episode they encounter a sort of weird vaginal mountain monster thing, but luckily they have the Shitbox on their side. The Shitbox is a creature which devours powerful things and shits them out as the weak and defenceless, in this case tiny babies. As a rule I dislike the word awesome, but occasionally it's warranted, and Energy Realms is fucking awesome. Buy this magazine and see how long you can keep reading before it sucks your eyes right out of your head.

Buy as many copies as you can reasonably afford here.

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